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FieldGroove is contractor software that is there for you at every phase of the job lifecycle. FieldGroove's functionality empowers everyone in your organization to contribute to the success of your business by improving everyday operational efficiency.


Quotes Sent to Date

Reports & Trends

Easily spot trends, view and analyze performance, and forecast monthly revenue.

Digital Signatures

Increase estimate averages by allowing customers to digitally accept estimates and add upgrades.

SMS & Emails

Send estimates, work orders, and invoices directly from the FieldGroove platform.

Document Storage

Upload and attach documents and photos directly to your jobs.

Job Scheduling

Simultaneously schedule work orders and assign installers to crews and trucks.

Asset Tracking

Monitor your fleet, assets, and inventory in real time.

Roles & Permissions

Add restrictions at any phase of the job to define what your staff can and can't see or do.

Tasks & Reminders

Assign and delegate tasks to your staff and send or receive customizable reminders.

Contractor Software Without Limitations

FieldGroove has no restrictions on the number of users, estimates, jobs, invoices, trackable assets, customers, or anything else.

The FieldGroove Workflow

We make it easy to track your jobs from a lead to an invoice, below is the flow your customer takes through our system.


Gather lead details, take notes, upload plans and other documents, and assign follow up tasks.


Ready to build an estimate? Your lead is converted to an opportunity when an estimate is created.


An opportunity is automatically converted to a job ready to be scheduled once an estimate is accepted.


Receive instant notifications when jobs are completed and ready to be invoiced.


FieldGroove's contractor CRM simplifies lead management, so you are better equipped to convert leads into business. Gather information, take notes, upload plans, and assign follow up tasks all in one centralized platform.
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FieldGroove automates estimate calculations, saving time and increasing accuracy. For example, simply click "Add Line Item," select a product, enter square footage or quantity, and the math is done automatically. If there’s a measurement error or margins are too low, estimates can easily be recalculated.
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Opportunities automatically become jobs when a customer accepts an estimate and the job is scheduled. FieldGroove's calendar and dispatcher replace whiteboards with detailed scheduling of crews, trucks and work orders. When work begins, FieldGroove monitors inventory, tracks assets, manages crews, and more.
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Are you tired of waiting to get paid? FieldGroove automatically sends notifications when a job is ready to be invoiced. Digital invoices can be instantly sent through the platform, greatly reducing the number of delayed payments.
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